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Sojourner's Pub Church


Sojourner's Pub Church is a great opportunity to worship God in a casual setting, a pub or bar.  It can take place any time of the day. Once person described Pub Church as a way to reach out to those who would not normally go to church. It's not a highly structured environment; it welcomes the exchange of ideas, statements of faith and a form of worship. It often includes a live band or other forms of music. Click here to view a video of Everyday Grace performing Jesus is Just Alright with Me.

Here's how one pastor of a pub church described it: "Young people were leaving their churches in droves, with many never returning. The number of Americans who do not identify with any religion is growing, according to the extensive Pew Research Religion & Public Life Project. One-fifth of Americans — and a third of adults under 30 — are not affiliated with any religion, according to the study. Pub Church attracts people of all ages: college age, young families and older adults who enjoy the more casual worship setting. For a long time, churches sat back and waited for people to come to them. That is no longer working. We need to leave the safety of our buildings and go to the people.”  pubchurch

One college aged man describes it in his own words: "“For a lot of people, it’s easier to walk into a bar than a downtown church; it’s less intimidating.” After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Pub Church became a sort of second home for him. “People my age sometimes get lost in our electronics and busy lives,” he said. “We forget to connect with each other and take care of other."

Pub Church may become a continuously evolving form of worship, or it may find a good formula for reaching out and stick with that. Either way, Pub Church offers a casual form of worship in a welcoming, casual atmosphere. Consider giving it a try. 

Pub Church meets at 2 locations: Tracy's Tap on 55th St in Clarendon Hills and at Beer House at 322 Yorktown Center in Lombard on select Sundays at 12:30 PM.

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