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We are all on a spiritual journey. Each of us is at a different point of the pathway, and yet we all walk that pathway. Sometimes that path is filled with hope, other times great need. Sometimes we are full of faith, and other times we are doubting where we are with God. We would love for you to join others on that spiritual path as we each look for meaning, hope and the encouragement that only faith can offer.cindy_and_jim_oustide_of_sanctuary.jpg


Being a member suggests developing relationships with others who also support the mission of the Church. We encourage people to develop some of those relationships through meeting people before, during and after worship, in Bible Studies and Prayer groups, and in opportunities to serve others. Each of these offers opportunities to grow in faith, while at the same time giving and receiving encouragement for others.


We don't require a long set of classes, but encourage you to meet with Pastor John to make sure you feel comfortable with the beliefs of the church and our practices. At this meeting, you will receive a packet and application for membership.  Once that is turned in, Pastor John will make a recommendation to the Church Council, and you will be received into membership.  We celebrate new members publicly in April and November.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Christ Lutheran Church, you can indicate that on your Connection Card in worship, give us a ring, or send us an email and you wil be contacted.

To find out more, call: (630) 325-2220.