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Welcome! church_cropped.jpg

From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be treated as a valuable guest. We will greet you, show you around and answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable during your visit.

Sunday worship begins at 8:30 am or 10:15 am. and ends an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes later. During worship, you will have a chance to meet new friends, view videos on topics related to relevant issues in your life, hear God's Word, join our choir or band in singing and praising God, experience the Lord's Supper and lift up in prayer your family and friends.


Ample parking is available including handicapped parking and some spaces reserved just for visitors.

Handicap Access

Handicap access is available at the south doors of the church. When you enter the parking lot off of the Frontage Road, circle around the back of the church and you will see a ramp. Handicap parking is available at that location. Chair lifts will easily transport worshippers from the first floor to the lower level where many events are held, in addition to an expanded coffee hour.


Worship Information

When you enter the sanctuary, you will be greeted by an usher and given a church bulletin. This is a road map to our service and will guide you through the worship experience. Some people use the bulletin when reading prayers and singing hymns. Others prefer to follow along by viewing the large screen in the front of the church, which will display visuals relating to worship, including words to the songs, scripture readings and prayers.


A special part of the service is when we pray for our community, our neighbors, our families, our government and our world. You will be invited to speak the names of the people you would like to lift up in prayer. Some people pray silently, and some speak the names of loved ones who they wish to remember in prayer.

Children's Message

Children of all ages will be asked to go up and sit on the steps in the front of the altar area to hear an age-appropriate message. Kids really enjoy this time, and the adults pay attention too!

The Message

You may refer to this as the sermon.  You will hear a faith-based message that will touch on topics relevant to your life.



Music and singing is a big part of our worship experience. Depending on the service, you may hear one of our bands, our choir, or our bell choir perform. You are welcome to join in the singing, while we praise God with our music and song.

Scripture Reading

In 1st Timothy 4:13, Paul encouraged Timothy to devote himself to the public reading of Scripture. We celebrate God's messages by reading scripture during our Sunday worship service.  Feel free to pick up a red Bible which is in in the small shelf under each pew. You are welcome to take the Bible home if you do not have your own copy of a Bible. wide_shot_of_communion.jpg


Believing in the real presence of Christ, Christ Lutheran Church practices eucharistic hospitality. All baptized persons are welcomed to Communion. The ushers will guide you to come up to the front of the church in small groups. Take an empty cup from the tray offered to you, or if you prefer grape juice to wine, take the filled cup. Holy Communion is served in "tables." When your group reaches the front, the minister will give you a piece of bread, symbolizing the body of Christ shed for you. You wil then drink the wine or juice, as the blood of Christ shed for you. When your group is finished receiving communion, you will be directed back to your seat. Children who have not had their first communion will be "blessed" by the minister during communion.

Thanks for taking the time to read about Christ Lutheran Church 

Please feel free to ask questions and find out more about what we can offer you as a child of Christ. You are most welcome! We look forward to meeting you!