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Service Hours

Find out what it’s like to help people really in need. The service you do for others is connected to God’s love for others and for you. Service hours are a part of the Middle School Ministries and confirmation, and can include: 

  • Visiting and helping the homebound
  • Volunteering a a local nursing home
  • Helping out at the church rummage sales
  • Working at a fundraising activity
  • Acolyting, Ushering or serving as a greeter or helping on Chancel Guild
  • Cleaning the Kitchen
  • Office Work at the Church
  • Usher
  • Recycle papers
  • Water Flowers
  • Clean Kitchen-Hospitality Ministry
  • Help with Altar Guild
  • Office Work
  • Sunday School Supplies
  • Update Web Pages
  • Data Entry
  • Filing
  • Play in Band
  • Sing in Choir
  • Play bells
  • Special Music
  • Power Point/Sound Board