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Souper Bowl of Caring

Souperbowl of Caring Saturday, February 4th Jewel at 75th and Cass

February is the most brutal month for food pantries. By the beginning of February, the shelves at the pantry are almost bare. The food and household supplies donated during the holiday season are long gone, and food pantries are in desperate need of replenishing. To fill the need, on Superbowl Weekend, Christ Lutheran Church sponsors the Souperbowl of Sharing, a food drive held at a local grocery store.

The Souperbowl of Caring has been an annual event that brings in over a ton of donated items. Volunteers ask shoppers to buy a can of food, a box of diapers, or paper products to donate to Hinsdale Community Services.

This year as in past, volunteers braved the bitter cold weather to ask for donations of food, paper products, baby wipes and diapers, formula, and other needed items. Thank you to all who donated, worked the day of the food drive, and delivered the items to HCS Family Services.
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Some shoppers donate a can of food, while others may give several bags of groceries. Whatever the gift, each item donated goes directly to the food pantry, where families “shop” for items they need. A lot of people who work the drive, do it every year because they just have a great time hanging out with the crazy food drive gang, and they feel a welcome part of the group. You are welcome too! We’ll bribe you with a hot cup of Joe from Dunkin' Donuts.


How else can you get involved? You can donate food and supplies, help “shuttle” boxes of donations to the church, or help the following weekend to deliver all of the donations. Whatever your involvement, one thing’s for sure. You’re helping out families who need your help!