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Planning your Wedding

andie and jeremyPlanning a Wedding:  
If you would like to be married at Christ Lutheran Church, please contact the Church Office at (630) 325-2220. Members are welcome to have their wedding at the church. Those who are not a part of the Christ Lutheran Church family may discuss their wedding plans with Pastor, to see if arrangements can be made to accommodate you.  


Scheduling a Wedding: Couples who contemplate marriage should contact the pastor at least 6-8 months prior to the wedding date.  Arrangements for the wedding rehearsal should be made with the pastor as early as possible.  Premarital Counseling: Both the bride and groom shall receive premarital counseling. The number and scheduling of counseling sessions shall be at the discretion of the pastor.  


Officiating Pastor: The pastor of Christ Lutheran Church will officiate at all weddings at the church. Other pastors may participate at the request of the wedding couple, and with the consent of the pastor of Christ Lutheran Church.  


Music: Within the Lutheran Church, weddings are worship services. Accordingly, music must be carefully chosen for a service of praise and thanksgiving. Texts of vocal selections should be in harmony with the religious nature of the marriage service, reflecting both the joy and solemnity of the occasion. The use of favorite “popular” songs may better be included in the reception planning. You may hire the church organist to play for your wedding for a fee.  


Care of the Church: The church is not responsible for securing the property of guests or members of the wedding party. Guests should be informed that rice, birdseed or confetti may not be used on the church grounds. Smoking is prohibited in the church building.    


Fees: For more information on fees, please call the Church Office at (630) 325-2220.