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First Communion Training


Many parents wonder when their child is ready to start receiving Holy Communion. The ELCA does not have a set policy on this, rather leaving it primarily as a conversation between parents, child and pastor. A typical age at our congregation is when a child is in the fifth grade, although younger children do receive the sacrament here as well.

If you are wondering if your child may be ready to begin instruction for First Communion, here are some questions to consider:
  • Is my child asking questions about God, communion and/or worship?
  • Does my child ask to receive the sacrament?
  • Why?
  • Does my child recognize communion and worship as special time or a special activity?


Fifth grade training/retraining normally takes place in the spring, while opportunities for younger children to be trained happens in the fall. Parents should attend with their children, especially in the fall. Students will create a chalice or patton that will be used for their first communion. We include the whole family in a child's first communion.


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