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Cradle Roll

baby sleeping

Cradle Roll” is the traditional name for this program, which provides families with materials and resources on the development of children from birth to 3 years old.   Our informative, parent-focused resources provide ideas for age-appropriate activities to do with children, milestones to look for and celebrate, and ideas for how parents can create a God-centered home.

Babies are placed on the “cradle roll” at birth. Parents receive monthly mailings of resources until the child’s third birthday. When the child reaches the age of 3, they “graduate” and are invited to join the three year-old Sunday School class. To commemorate the transition from Cradle Roll to Sunday School, Cradle Roll graduates' names will also be placed on a banner at the baptismal font.
Special thanks to our dedicated volunteers who prayerfully remember each of our Cradle Roll children as they send out the mailings.