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Karen Wilberg Director of Traditional Music

Karen WilbergI love working with choirs and also have directed numerous plays and musicals for kids. I also sang at the Lyric Opera for 18 years and taught at The Willows Academy for 25 years.

I love working with the traditional music groups at Christ Lutheran. The people are fantastic and really talented. I welcome your thoughts about music, whether it be favorite hymns or a tradition, like the midweek Advent services, that people enjoy.

Jon Ball, Contemporary Worship Leader

email: jball 'at'

jon_ballSing to the Lord a new song!

As contemporary worship leader at Christ Lutheran Church I take this verse very literally. Even though I am a classically trained musician my roots are in the popular music I grew up with. This has made working with contemporary Christian music really fulfilling for me. God’s word set to modern beat, melody and harmony speaks to me in a way that is familiar, comforting and inspiring.

My goal is to use God’s gift of music to create excitement for His message. It is so fun and rewarding to work with our musician’s and to fashion musical arrangements for each Sunday. My favorite Sundays are the ones I can sense that the band and the congregation wish the service would continue just a little longer. In those moments I feel the “new songs” are most working for God’s glory.




Kathy Bartosz, Director of Children and Family Ministries

email: kbartosz 'at'


As the Director of Children and Family Ministries, I am excited about our

plans for teaching children God's Word. My history with Christ Lutheran

Church started with my parents, who were married here. I was baptized

and married here, and have attended Christ Lutheran Church my entire


As a mother of two young daughters, I know the importance of building a

strong foundation of faith, that our children can draw strength from

throughout their lives.

Craig Felde, Local Missionary

email: cfelde "at"

Craig Felde

We as a congregation need to find ways to connect with people in our modern, always buzzing world. A new way to connect is really an old concept, dating from the time of the Apostles, to meet where the people are and proclaim the Gospel to the community as it is shown in its modern context. It really is about taking the time to build personal relationships, something that we at Christ are very comfortable with, around each other. We need to take that comfort out to the streets. This can take many forms, from a group of people meeting on the train on the way to or from work, to a group of disenfranchised musicians searching for a way to continue their music ministry, or a new small group of those studying scripture in a library room for the first time.

The most important thing to remember is that people need Christ in their lives, and that a community of some kind is the best way to let Him enter in, as Matthew says Ch. 18:20, “For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.”

Richard Kochel

Richard Kochel OrganistRichard currently resides in Lombard, though he is originally from Wheaton where he received some of his formal training at the Community School of the Arts at Wheaton College.  He has served as music director and organist in many parishes in Texas, Florida and Illinois.  Richard has played in the Chicago Youth Assemble and has been a soloist baritone with the Ave Maria Motet Choir in Ave Maria, Florida. 

Rachel Krohn, Office Manager, Pastoral Assistant

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I absolutely love being the "face" of Christ Lutheran Church in the office for visitors and guests who walk through our doors, whether on a Sunday morning, or a Wednesday afternoon.  I hope that my attitude will always convey my heart for hospitality.


I also take my role as Pastoral Assistant very seriously, and I strive to help Pastor Dale manage his ministry so that he can be the best  Pastor he can be in every situation.  That is what energizes me on a daily basis. 


I love my work and I hope it shows in everything I do.


Robert Brija

Robert Brija
Robert Brija is the Building and Grounds Supervisor for Christ Lutheran.  He has made significant improvements in the building interior and exterior. He is a personal favorite of the children in the preschool. Every morning he greets them as they enter the preschool housed in the Christ Lutheran building.

Bob started out his career as a precision tool grinder.  He then became a firefighter where he served for 30 years, retiring as a Lieutenant. Bob is a master of all trades,